Thin Section seen in a PetroViewer
Seymchan meteorite thin section seen in PetroViewer
Rotating gif of PetroViewer

Over the years, as his tools have been refined, technology has provided new ways to standardize the process.  Today, amazing automation makes possible a degree of precision which Nicol might never have dreamed of, but at a considerable price. 

As a result, the costs of experiencing his wonder have become prohibitive for many.   PetroViewer might wish it could deliver that precision, but our thin sections are all hand made, closely copying Nicol's original technique.  Our production focuses more on beauty than theoretical ideals,  

These are not technical research grade materials.

Between 1815 and 1831, William Nicol of Edinburgh, Scotland developed a remarkable set of tools for the study of objects that had long held secrets

of their internal structure.  First he found a way to produce, and control polarized light.  Then he developed a process to make that polarized light share with him the secrets of the unknown!   


Welcome to the World of Polarized Light Microscopy!

Today, PetroViewer offers a truly economical point of entry to the  World of Polarized Light Microscopy!

All photos of thin sections on this web site were made of PetroViewer slides, just as they would be seen by a user.   Some were taken through the 3X magnifier, others through the 15X and 25X lenses.  With PetroViewer, WYSIWYG!