PetroViewer is pleased to offer a range of Thin Sections, prepared from a number of popular  Meteorites  and a variety of Terrestrial Minerals.  Prices vary to reflect both the availability of material, and the time and effort required to produce a thin section.  (Pallasites with 30%+ pure iron and nickle are notoriously challenging to reduce to a thin section!)   

Meteorite Thin Section options
Minerals from all over the earth

While individual meteorites often permit only a small number of thin sections, we try to offer a mix of chondrites, pallasites and HED stones, as a sampling of the broad range of rocks our solar system pelts us with.  Shop for a meteorite thin section compatible with your  PetroViewer here.

The whole crust of the Earth might be our sample source!   But, as the goal of PetroViewer is to introduce and illustrate key phenomena of polarized light microscopy, rather than a comprehensive survey of mineralogic types, our usual selection tends to a relatively few species  with millimeter-scale crystals.  Check out the terrestrial thin sections designed for your PetroViewer here.  


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