In thin section, many of Chelyabinsk's chondrules strut their stuff

You probably recall plainly where you were, and who you were with, the first time you saw those dash-cam videos of the February 13, 2013 phenomenon that shook eastern Russia, and the World. Where did THAT come from? How did it sneak up on us, with no one seeing it? What if it's trajectory had been a little more vertical to the earth? The Chelyabinsk meteor really gave us all plenty to think about!

The meteorites collected showed two distinct lithologies. The more predominant type have many chondrules, while the second variety include more impact melt and related glasses. This listing is for thin sections featuring the chondrules.


Like many thin sections, Chelyabinsk looks pretty unremarkable in unpolarized light.  The brown and gray overtones belie the colors that are created when you add the necessary polarizing filters, and a suitable wave plate.  Given the scale of detail in Chelyabinsk, your package will include the higher power 25X viewer.


  • Chelyabinsk as displayed on your PetroViewer, includes a range of sizes of identifiable chonrules, and much finer grained matrix.  The more powerful ~25X lens system will generally be more appropriate.

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