Complete PetroViewer Kit

Your Complete PetroViewer Package includes a PetroViewer, two wave plates, a low-power magnifier (~3X), a higher power magnifier ( your choice of ~15X, or ~25X), and a 16 page booklet outlining the use of your PetroViewer to display and identify many of the key phenomena of polarized light interacting with birefringent crystals.

Complete PetroViewer Kit

Select your Second Magnifier
  • Every PetroViewer is shipped with a low-power, 3X magnifier, and a second magnifier, in either ~15X or ~25X.  While the view is naturally less brilliant through a stronger lens, some fine grained materials benefit from the more greatly magnified view.  Recommendations are noted in descriptions of individual thin sections.

  • Shipping within the US is included in sales prices.  Shipping to Canadian addresses is 8.50 USD.  Other International shipments are charged $12.50 USD per order.  If an order includes more than five items, we will contact you to quote adjusted shipping charges.  

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