Keystone Peridotite

Among the large rip-rap boulders piled up to prevent sand erosion at the Keystone Ferry landing, I came across a football sized lump of peridotite.  This rock makes up a major portion of the earth's mantle, and may have been lifted 60 miles or more from below the crust to be deposited among the basalt at the quary where the rip-rap was mined.  Crystal faces of 2 to 3 mm caught my attention immediately.  


It makes a beautiful thin section, and represents a mineral distributed not only to the depths of the earth, but which is found in moon rocks, many meteorites, and has even been detected in clouds of cosmic dust beyond our solar system.

Keystone Peridotite

  • Your thin section of pale green Peridotite will be best viewed with a ~15X magnifier.

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