PetroViewer with low power, wide field viewing lens

As a compact alternative to a petrologic microscope, (which would cost many hundreds, or many thousands of dollars,) your PetroViewer has a more limited range of abilities.  But what it does, it does well!   Accompanying each PetroViewer is an illustrated 16 page booklet, offering detailed procedures that will allow you to identify and

distinguish between several phenomena that

What Can I Do with a PetroViewer?
Needle like crystals of Franciscan Blue Schist as seen in a PetroViewer
PetroViewer with higher power lens

In spite of its compact form, a PetroViewer packs a real punch!   A 1/2 watt, broad-spectrum LED, powered by two lithium ion cells, good for nearly 40 hours of use,  delivers surprising illumination.  (While an incandescent, black-body light would be preferable, we opted to forgo the power cord!)  Each PetroViewer is supported by a 3X-low power magnifier, and either a 15X, or a 25X lens, for more detailed examination.

Because the round glass slide fulfills the function of a rotating stage on a more typical microscope, but is enclosed within the PetroViewer, a PetroViewer is not compatible with thin sections on traditional 1" x 2" slides.

superficially look very similar.   Discussions address pleochroism, extinction, birefringence resulting in epsilon and omega light waves, additive and subtractive interference, and the effect and use of wave plates.  While not aiming to be a college level text on introductory petrology, the goal is to establish that the wonderful sights can all quite directly be translated into understanding of the minerals involved.